Editions, Features, Prices

There are different editions available that include an incremental set of features. The edition is set in the license file and features not included in your edition cannot be used. The first three editions require that the AssemblyCopyrightAttribute value of all processed .exe files must include the licensee name and at least one .exe file must be processed. If you need to process only .dll files or your .exe files cannot have your licensee name in their copyright value, you need the Universal edition.

Standard Advanced Complete Universal
Renaming of types, methods, fields, parameters check check check check
Deleting properties, events, constants remove check check check
Overloading of methods and fields remove check check check
Renaming of methods overriding external methods remove remove check check
Unreadable and invisible naming schemes remove check check check
Shuffled naming scheme remove remove check check
Purging unused methods remove remove hourglass_empty hourglass_empty
String encoding in methods check check check check
String encoding in attributes remove hourglass_empty hourglass_empty hourglass_empty
Method call redirection remove remove check check
Compressing and embedding remove remove hourglass_empty hourglass_empty
GUI parameter file editor hourglass_empty hourglass_empty hourglass_empty hourglass_empty
Debug symbol generation (.pdb) check check check check
Deobfuscation map file with metadata tokens check check check check
Arbitrary app copyright names remove remove remove check
License price (incl. VAT) 99 € 189 € 269 € 499 €

check Included    remove Not included    hourglass_empty Not available yet; will be included in a future update

Updates & Support

Each license comes with 12 months software maintenance (support and product updates). You can use any version of SeeUnsharp that was released up to the end of your maintenance for an unlimited time and for an unlimited number of projects and distributions of your application.

Beyond this initial 12 month period, you may renew your software maintenance for a further 12 months at a discounted renewal price within one year after expiration. Please contact me for an individual quote (between 15% and 40% of a new license).

To upgrade to a higher edition just pay the difference. Note that when upgrading the subscription expiration date remains unchanged. Contact me for instructions.